Lutley Primary School

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What is the PTFA?




PTFA stands for Parents, Teachers and Friends Association. Lutley PTFA is essentially a group of people working together to organise and run events to raise money for the school. This enables the children to have extras  which would not be possible through normal school budgets. Some events are just for the children, some are for families and others just for the adults.


We hold meetings one evening a month, usually on a Tuesday at 7.00pm, in the Staff Room,  (dates are published in the school newsletters.)


New members are always very welcome!


YES, we welcome parents and friends of the school who have connections to children in any year and there is also an active Grandparents group. We are particularly keen to encourage parents of younger children.

If you would like to become involved with the PTFA, don't assume you have to come along to every meeting and help out at every event. There is a list of additional helpers, who cant come to the meetings but are happy to help when extra manpower is needed, like at the Family Fun Day.


We have a packed calendar of events throughout the year. These are some of the events:

Discos for the children • Uniform Sale • Fashion Show • Quiz Night • Family Fun Day • Craft Fair's

 Christmas Cards • Breakfast with Santa



As a result of the fund-raising efforts the PTFA raised over £12000 last academic year, which has enabled us to purchase and support the school with

KS2 Playground Equipment • Go Tabs • 3D Printer 

French Dictionaries • First Aid mannequins

Christmas Pantomine • Extra Resources for Year 2 

Dictionaries & Autograph Books for school leavers


and much more besides! 



If you are interested in joining the PTFA, please come to a meeting to see what it is like (details in the school 

newsletters) or please contact our 

PTFA Chair Gemma Tillotson at

PTFA Secretary Jean Bayliss on 07795 513445