Buddies and Playground Leaders


“Buddies” are pupils from Year 5 who are willing to be “Everyone’s Friend” on our busy KS2 playground. They work in teams with our Buddy Supervisors, from Year 6, who were chosen for this role since they were themselves outstanding “Buddies” previously.

During break and lunchtimes, normally once a week; Buddies help to solve friendship issues, help children to make new friends and are generally willing to give anyone a helping hand if they have something which is worrying them and making them feel unhappy.

Buddies can be picked out from the crowd since they wear a red bib on duty days. We also have a “Buddy Bench”, a special seat, on the KS2 playground where children are encouraged to go if they need a little help.

Playground Leaders

Pupils in Year 6 can apply for and receive training to become a member of our “Playground Leader” team.

Leaders help to organise a variety of games on both our KS1 and KS2 playgrounds. Our pupils enjoy both taking part in the activities and organising them. A good leader is reliable, a good communicator, fair minded but above all, fun to be around. Leaders are easily recognised since they wear a yellow play leader bib on duty days.

The leadership journey not only begins here at Lutley but is able to be continued at High School when pupils move on and continue to be awarded levels for leadership within the sports curriculum.