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Our Local Governing Committee  (LGC) members are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds. We have Staff and Parent Governors who are directly linked to Lutley and Governors who have been Co-opted to serve on the Governing Body in view of the particular skills they offer. The diversity of skills, experience and expertise we possess as a whole enables us to challenge, support and complement the work of Lutley. The LGC meets once a term as a minimum and also conducts school visits. Our membership structure is currently as follows:


Role on LGC

Type of Governor

Mrs J Berry


Hales Valley Trust COD

Mrs J Mackinney


Hales Valley Trust CEO

Mrs K Hall


Acting Headteacher

Mr B Bhogal 


Parent Governor

Mrs S Pensom


Parent Governor

Mrs L Atkinson









Please click here for the Hales Valley Trust Scheme of Delegation

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Annual Governance Statement for Lutley Primary School 2018-2019


The Trust Board has established two different types of committee:

  • Main Board Committees which are established to deal with Trust wide matters such as facilities and estates; and
  • Local Governing Committees which are established by the board to support the effective operation of each of the Trust schools (Academies).
  • The purpose of the LGC is to monitor the teaching, learning and pastoral provision across the school.

Your views are important to us, and we are always happy to hear your suggestions for school improvement. If you would like to pass on a suggestion, contact our chair of Governors or if you are interested in finding out about how you can help our school, then our Chair of Governors can be contacted via the school office for further information.