Healthy Eating

As part of our Healthy Eating Curriculum, we have teamed up with Phunky Foods. As well as providing the school with exciting ideas to use in the classroom there is a section dedicated to parents. Please click on to their site via the link to explore.

Children throughout the school have a dedicated cooking lesson weekly which emphasises healthy eating as well as teachong pupils how to create simple healthy recipes for their family to enjoy. At the end of the session the children take home a recipe which requires few ingredients and mateials to prepare at home so they can collate a book of recipes they can make as a family.

The Food Dudes: Full Force Programme

Snacktime Results

  • Class teachers recorded how many children consumed at least one portion of fruit and one portion of veg at snacktime, during the intensive phase of the programme that lasted 16 days.
  • These results show that at the end of the intensive phase 92.35% of children were eating Fruit at snacktime and 91.40% of children were eating veg at snacktime as the results of Food Dudes.