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Latest News - A Musical Christmas!

The children have been very busy in recent weeks takingpart in musical performances out of school. We have takenpart in the dedication of the Sandvik Christmas tree inHalesowen (Year 3 carol singing choir) and the HalesowenPrimary School's Carol Service at St John's (Year 4-6Carol singing choir); sung for the residents at Grange HillHouse and Lapal House; a small vocalgroup accompanied by some of our flautists performed inthe foyer of Russells Hall Hospital - and there is still moreto come! On Tuesday evening of next week a choir fromYear 2 will be singing at the Dudley Borough Carol Concertand many of the children will have the opportunityto sing or play in school next Tuesday. Finally we willhave Carols by Torchlight on Wednesday evening, towhich the carol singing choir, flutes and recorders havebeen invited to perform.Well done to all of the children who have been involvedin these events!

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