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Latest News - Academy Consultation June 2016

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14th June 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

Lutley Primary School Academy Conversion – Stakeholder Consultation

Having expressed an interest to the Department for Education in view of becoming an academy, the Governing Body wish to consult with you on a proposal to convert the school from Federation to Multi-Academy Trust status, continuing our partnership with Lapal Primary School. Our Multi Academy Trust will extend this partnership to include two Dudley Primary Schools: Woodside Community School and Ham Dingle Primary. We are already working with both schools and our proposed Hales Valley Multi Academy Trust, will formalise this partnership.

During recent months, the school have been in discussions with the Department for Education and other parties and are now in a position to consult with staff and parents.

In considering conversion to academy status, the over-riding concerns of governors are to ensure that our school continues to provide the best possible standard of education and care for our children. With this in mind, your views are important to us and we are extremely keen to hear your thoughts.

Key points of converting to Academy status within a Multi-Academy Trust

o Lutley Primary School will not change its character and will continue to look, feel and be the same as it is now;

o A Headteacher and Governing Body will continue to lead the school on a daily basis as they do now, and parents will continue to be represented on the Governing Body;

o The name of the school will not change, the school will not change its admissions policy and the uniform will stay the same;

o School holidays will be the same as Dudley schools, as it is now;

o Children with special needs will continue to receive additional support in the way they do now;

o We will continue to work closely with our local schools in Dudley, including our local secondary school in areas such as Year 6/Year 7 transition and events;

o The MAT arrangements will share some central services across the schools which will help them be more efficient and make sure that funding is focused on teaching, learning and support for children.

Academy status is becoming more common and even following recent announcements, the Government continues to encourage schools to become academies, and in particular for primary schools to become academies in groups. As its budget is reduced, the local authority is also reducing the service that it has available to schools. Making this change now means that we can choose how we want our school to develop.

Converting to Academy status within a Multi-Academy Trust will:-

o Develop the highest quality of leadership and management;

o Develop the highest quality of teaching and learning;

o Give us the greater freedoms in developing the school curriculum to make sure that it is personalised to the needs of our pupils, ensuring high expectation and total conviction that all pupils can succeed whatever their circumstances, background or previous level of attainment;

o Economic benefits such as centralised services;

o Enable us to support each other as the support from local authorities reduces;

o Increase the flexibility of the school budget and funds which gives us more freedom to spend it to best meet the priorities of the school and pupils;


o Provide the opportunity to establish succession planning programmes and in doing so, retaining good staff who might otherwise move on – including head teachers.

o Whilst we will see real benefits in working closely together, any changes are likely to be behind the scenes. You and your children will see little visible difference if we become an Academy within a Multi-Academy Trust. Governors believe that Academy status within a MAT is the best way to support the school in continuing to develop and improve, and that working together within the Trust will bring benefits to teaching and learning and this will impact on your child’s achievement.

The consultation process will run from 15/06/2016 to 22/07/2016

We would welcome the views of all stakeholders and would encourage you to e-mail us your views or questions to the school office whereupon we will endeavor to address any concerns you may have:

Please include ‘Academy Consultation’ in the subject line of your email.

If you prefer to post your response, please write to: Consultation Response FAO Mrs Cox, Lutley Primary School, Brookwillow Road, Dudley, B63 1BU.

Further to this, we would like to invite you to attend an information evening so that we can fully share our proposals and discuss any questions arising. The meeting will take place on 13th July 2016 at 5.00pm at Lutley Primary School. I do hope that you will be able to join us and I will look forward to providing you with more detail.

In the meantime, general information about academies and conversion to academy status can be found on the Department for Education website:

Governors are committed to ensuring that Lutley Primary School continues to be an outstanding school, serving all members of the community. It is our duty to explore every opportunity to maintain and improve our already high standards. Your feedback and views really do count and we will keep you fully informed of future developments. We intend to send further information in the form of frequently asked questions, shortly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

George Craig

Chair of Governors

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