Our Curriculum

The Lutley Challenge Curriculum

In line with the governments vision we have reviewed Lutley’s curriculum entitlement as we also seek to give all children, regardless of their background access to a high quality curriculum which can be benchmarked by the best performing nations of the world. 

This is how we set out our curriculum;

Where relevant, history and geography are linked to our local area and local people.

History is a big driver in our challenge curriculum – British history runs chronologically across the school.

Questions - These are pre set learning chalenges enabling our chldren to deppen their thinking in a range of subjects

Challenge - the enquiry question enables children to challenge themselves to find the answers

Enquiry/explore based - this gives children a curiosity to learn about a wide range of topics

Wow! - Each topic gives a Wow! focus as they venture into the learning within 

Linked to key quality texts - Each topic area has related texts which staff use to deliver the content

Thematic links where appropriate - not all subjects are linked to the topic as this can become tenuous and distract from the richness of the topic being studied