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Parent Workshops

Parent workshops 

Throughout the year we plan in a variety of workshops that all parents can be involved in for a variety of curriculum areas. 

Secondary choices - Wednesday 14th September 2016 - 6pm main school hall

Our secondary choices workshops has been a very popular workshop for parents with children in years 5 and 6. We also talk parents through the process of applying for places and ask them to note any deadlines they need to meet with regards to applying for places. 

 27th September 2016- Year 2 SATs workshop

A chance for parents to see the expectation at the end of Year 2 in the National tests.

Reading workshops

These will be throughout the year and tagged onto INSPIRE worshops where we see most of our parents attend to receive this important information.

INSPIRE sessions - 2016-2017 STEM (Science technology, Engineering and Mathematics) focussed

We plan in at least 1 INSPIRE session per class each academic year. During INSPIRE sessions it is our aim that each child has a designated adult with them. This can be Mum , Dad, Nan, Granddad, Auntie, Uncle or a designated friend of the family to work with their child. Each year group sets a task and they have the designated session to complete it. During the year 2016-2017 INSPIRE sessions are STEM ( Science technology, Engineering and Mathematics) focussed.

Forest school workshops

Workshops for forest school happen throughout the school year. Mrs Cole and Mrs Godfrey, our Forest School Leaders, Talk to parents about the benefits of learning outside the classroom and how forest school develops new skills that perhaps inside the classroom we would find difficult to teach i.e. den building! 

CEOP and E-safety workshops 7th February 2017 - 6pm - main school hall

Our trained CEOP ambassador, Mrs Johnson, runs an E-safety workshop for all parents to highlight the issues surrounding children and the use of digital media and social networking. A representative from West Midlands Police will also be attending to share with parents the latest up to date information about what is happening int he region with regards to online issues they are having affecting children.