Reading Buddies

Miss Fogarty is currently looking for more reading buddies. If you would likme to become a reading buddy then please contact Miss Fogarty, English Leader, who teaches in year 6.


What is a Reading Buddy?

A reading buddy is a parent, or a volunteer from a business or wider community who gives their time to help children develop their reading skills. Usually a reading buddy will be paired up with one child who will read to them for up to 20 minutes.

The session should ideally take place on the same day and at the same time each week. A reading buddy takes an interest in the child and works with them for a minimum of a term so that they can develop a good relationship. Reading buddies are role models, their ultimate aim being to develop within the children a love of reading, increase the children’s confidence and self esteem and to leave the children with a real sense of achievement.

Reading buddies provide schools with an extremely important resource – their time - and as a result they are very much appreciated and valued in the schools they attend. Miss Fogarty initially meets with the reading buddies to ensure they are familiar with the skills they need to be developing with the children and how to record their session in the children’s planners.


A well organised reading buddy initiative provides the following benefits:

For Children

  • Provides children with interested and able reading partners
  • Allows more individualised reading support and attention
  • Provides children with regular opportunities for discussion on a one-to-one basis to improve their communication skills
  • Presents children with positive role models from working life and gives them an insight into the world of work
  • Increases children’s self esteem and confidence
  • Offers alternative adult support from outside the family, which can help in the progress and development of the child

For Volunteers

  • Provides the opportunity for voluntary work in the community
  • Provides the opportunity to contribute to the achievement of young people
  • Develops further understanding of reading skills which can be utilised within the volunteers’ own family
  • Develops a greater understanding and knowledge of educational issues, and the necessity to reinforce the importance of literacy in a child’s development
  • Furthers the development of inter-personal and communication skills
  • Provides the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues on a worthwhile project

For Organisations

  • Motivates and raises morale amongst employees
  • Provides skill development opportunities i.e. time management
  • Builds a positive organisation image internally and externally
  • Makes a positive contribution to the community and the development of the future workforce