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Each class may have its own system to reward good behaviour and work.

Rewards may include:

Written comments on workPraise – when children reach or surpass the adults’ expectations

Stickers / stamps to stick on work or to wear

Recognition in front of the group or class, praise or whole-school assembly Certificates to reward work or behaviour

Achievement awards/certificates/badges for sport, swimming and other achievements

Telling parents (verbally or written)

Good news messages

Excellence boards

Good behaviour written in pupil planners

Citizen of the week

House points / praise points (see sections below as these rewards differ in each Team)

Small rewards such as a pencil or 5 minutes extra play

Golden time

Worker of the week / Behaviour award of the week / writer of the week Mascots

In Years 3-6 house points are awarded for the academic achievements. These are collated each week and the winning house announced in the achiever assembly and displayed in the school hall.

Praise points are given in Years 1, 2 and 3. Praise points are given for both outstanding work and behaviour. Children receive a certificate for multiples of 10 and are entered into a half termly prize draw.

Individual praisepoint charts in years 1 and 2

A display of these rewards will be included in each classroom as a reminder to all children of the rewards for positive behaviour.

Rewarding whole classes when working towards helping a child with significant disruptive behaviour

In some extreme incidents, the inappropriate behaviour of a child may have a detrimental effect on a whole class. It is really important that the class’s encouragement and support is rewarded i.e. when the disruptive child has a positive lesson / day/ week etc. the rest of the children are praised and rewarded for their help. This can be done in a number of ways: Whole-class reward - by asking Head / Deputy or Assistant Heads to come to congratulate the class, hand out stickers etc.