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Safeguarding Squad

Lutley’s Safety Squad – safeguarding the safety of all our Lutley children and adults.

This year, for the first time ever, Lutley has created its own ‘Safety Squad’. We are a small but dedicated and hardworking group of children from across the school, who are looking at all the ways we keep our children and adults safe and whether we can improve what we already do.

Thanks to Harry from Year 4, we have been able to create our own badges, which we can wear with pride around the school. We have monitored potential ‘hotspots’ both inside and outside our building, where children are sometimes not as safe as they could be, and our Safety Squad badge holders will soon be checking these areas and reminding children how to behave safely at all times.

In the next few weeks, we will be holding an assembly to explain our role to the whole school and very excitingly, in the summer term we hope to present our hard work and the impact it has had on improving safety at Lutley to the other schools in the MAT.