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School Bank

At Lutley Year 5 children run the School Bank.


What's a School Bank?

A School Bank is a mini HSBC branch that you run in your school for fellow pupils with support and guidance from local HSBC employees. In Year 5, children can apply to be a Cashier, Sales Advisor, Marketing Manager or even the Branch Manager! They help customers open MyMoney accounts, pay in or take out money and answer enquiries. This gives them the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and even earn a Certificate of Achievement.

Information for Parents

School Bank delivers financial education in a fun and unique way, at the same time teaching children how to manage their own project. They will learn and understand the responsibilities of cash management and personal finance.

MySavings (7-17 year olds)

  • Open your account with as little as £10.
  • The minimum deposit thereafter £1.
  • Gives a great rate of interest so you can watch your money grow. The more you save, the more you earn!
  • You can access your savings at any HSBC counter using your cash withdrawal book. Remember, if you are under 11 years old and want to withdraw or transfer over £50, you'll need your parent or guardian's signature.