Tulley's Mischievous Maze

 Our year 6 pupils have worked closely with "Lightning Entertainment" in association with Newman University this week to create their very own game - Tulley's Mischievous Maze!

Play the game below - Also below the game is the advert that Lutley pupils put together by themselves!

(Unfortunately, the game is only playable on computers capable of running flash player - apologies to iPad users)


You move the squirrel (Tulley) by using the arrow keys.The aim of the game is to eat as many acorns as possible in the time limit. You eat the acorns by touching them.You are not allowed to touch the walls otherwise you will go back to the starting position (OFFICE).You also have a timer of 120 seconds and when the time runs out the game ends (Game Over!).You get 5 points for an Acorn however, you get 10 points for the Golden Acorn.