We are so lucky at Lutley.  We have Grandparents who are patient and caring, willing to spend time in school, helping children complete tasks and enabling us all to learn from each other.  By freely sharing their time, knowledge, memories and skills they enrich our learning.


In the outdoor environment, grandparents have helped with projects large and small, from redeveloping the Nature Area beside the school drive to supervising the sowing of seeds.   Over the forthcoming year we hope they can engage with our Groundforce team, sustaining the productivity of the vegetable garden and the beauty and biodiversity of our award-winning school grounds.

Farm School

At Farm School, parents and grandparents are invited to help Year 3 with their sessions in the allotment; supervising groups and teaching them how to carry out all sorts of horticultural skills from digging and weeding, to sowing seeds and harvesting produce. Their assistance means that groups of children can be engaged in several different activities at once so everyone is busy. They present wonderful role models for the children and the children love to have their company and learn from different adults. If you would like to know more, please contact Mrs. L. Cole via the school office.

Forest School

At Forest School, parent  volunteers are essential as we must have at least five adults present to safely supervise the children. We have been blessed with great supporters who not only make up the numbers but really get stuck in to the Forest School activities and make the sessions go smoothly. If you would like to know more, please contact Mrs. L. Cole or Mrs. L. Godfrey via the school office.