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Year 2


Enquiry Questions  Have Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela helped to make the world a better place? 


The skin I'm in Pat Thomas

Camerson Can Too Allie Brooke 


Enquiry Questions  What would it be like to live in Gambia? Do we love to be beside the seaside?  What would Katie Morag find exciting about our town? 


The Leopard's Drum Jessica Souhami

Bringing the rain to Kapiti plain V Ardeena 

 Billy's Bucket Kes Gray and Gary Parsons

Seahorse John Butterworth

Follow that map Scot Ritchie


Enquiry Questions  How can we grow our own salad?  Would a dinosaur make a good pet?  How will 5 a day help me to be healthy?   What is your school made of? Did you hear that?


Super worm Julia Donaldson

Harry's Dinosaur Ian Whybrow

Tyrannosaurus Drip Julia Donaldson 

Handa's Surprise Eileen Brown

Lego City Sonia Sander

 The Singing Mermaid Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks

Snore Michael Rosen