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Parent Support

Lutley Primary is a busy, happy school made up of many hundreds of families and their children. All of them are unique, yet all are similar in many ways. We like to think of ourselves as being at the heart of the community, as a frontline support network for all of our families. Whilst we are a school and we are educators; we also realise that there are many areas of child development. We also understand that it takes a village to raise a child and we are happy to consider ourselves as part of that village. 

There are many ways in which Lutley can offer guidance and support during your child’s time with us such as workshops around common childhood challenges. For instance, we can work with you to overcome issues with children’s sleep or toileting, diet or behaviour. This could be individually or as part of a one-off workshop held at Lutley, whichever suits your needs.  We have trained staff to help at the very worst times with bereavement and loss and who are also trained to help to support your children maintain good mental health whilst developing resilience and self-help strategies. 

We understand that children learn best through strong positive relationships as a result at Lutley we use emotion coaching as a whole school approach.  This approach is evidence based as helping children understand their feelings and emotions and how they impact on their everyday behaviour, helping to build resilience and good mental well-being. We would be very happy to talk to you about this. 

We work closely with Family Learning, a Dudley borough funded agency, to deliver a range of training and workshops for parents ranging from first aid, Get Cooking and even helping parents improve their employability. These short workshops have always received very positive feedback from our families in the past.  

Family Information Service in Dudley Borough offers many activities to children and families and their details will be shared through Parentmail but you can also access this through the Dudley website  There are so many ways to keep your children active.

We are fortunate enough to have 2 trained Triple P facilitators at Lutley who will happily work with families in many areas of being a parent such as how to support children learn new skills, whilst developing independence to giving advice with setting boundaries and managing misbehaviours. Again, this can be accessed as a group or individually. This is an 8-week programme of support. 

If your child needs the support from other professionals such as the school nurse or CAMHS, we are also here to help with that journey.  Over the years we have developed excellent working relationships with the wider community serving Lutley families and will support the whole family during this process. We also work closely with Halesowen Family Centre where many families have benefitted from the support of Early Help which centres on the child but supports the whole family. 

Family support is available at both parents’ evenings, through drop ins or simply by talking to us at the beginning or the end of the school day on the playground. Support is never far away; you can always call into school or give us a ring.

To access any of the support or services please contact the school office on: 01384 818220